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I had the honor of knowing a very special soul who I am forever tied to through his inner circle who I have been close to since my years at Howard University. It is a shame that the world will not see the extent of his great directing talent though I do look forward to seeing his fully produced scripts. He was one hell of a gifted writer too!

I have had 9 irons the fire for a long time but no time or space to light them being a caregiver for my mother.

Since that time I made some major life changes and have been taking a social media break in light of Chadwick’s passing. It is now time for me to reset and refocus .

I take inspiration from these words sent in text form in the Spring of 2020 to my fellow Artivist playwright and actor, Dominique Morriseau:

“One negative emotion begets the next; worry births doubt, which births lack of time, which births lack of ability, which births lack of awareness, which births lack of strength which births paralysis…

Pray that those that suffer experience the showering of our faith if they have lost it. Pray that this faith carry them from breath to breath until they can find a calming breath. Let this give them the victory over the feeling of lack. Let our collective faith bring them to the surface so that they can find a comfortable position to sleep and thereby heal.”

– Chadwick Ahron “Sun of Griots” Boseman