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Story Doctor

Kaypri has been helping folk craft their stories for a good long time but her biggest project was taking on the task of finishing her mother’s autobiography which was full of various versions of undeveloped, unfinished, and unwritten chapters.

The updated version of NAWS Story is coming out soon! Take a sneak peek at B & B!

Other’s Stories Doctored Include:

ALICIA DUNAMS INTERNATIONAL – Content Editor and Book Project Manager – CURRENT

DISNEY+  LAUNCHPAD INCUBATOR   – Screener/Reader  –  2019

 GHOSTWRITER since 2004                                         

10NINETYFIVE  – Script Reader (TV,Film)  – 2019

 MAR VISTA ENTERTAINMENT –  Script Reader (TV/Film) – 2018

 PAN AFRICAN FILM FESTIVAL – Film Juror     2018 – Present

 BOOK EDITOR –  Right Hand To The Champ – 2015

 CAMERON TALENT AGENCY – Script Reader (TV, Film) – 2012-2013

 IN-HOUSE LITERARY EDITOR – Brazen Publishing – 2011

 EDITOR – Short Story Collection by Mark V. Jones                   

 SCREENPLAY COVERAGE – Hollywood Film Festival Contest                                     

SCREENPLAY COVERAGE – Guy Hanks/Marvin Miller Program                  

BOOK EDITOR – Stevy Bonneville Wallace