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I wrote my first poem in 5th grade called Purple Come Alive. My mother taped it to her desk at her job in New York City.

I took my first Creative Writing class in 7th grade and wrote my first play.

I continued taking Creative Writing up until my high school graduation.

After taking Playwriting I, which was a required elective as a Drama major at Howard University, I realized I would write for a living too! I went on to take Playwriting II, and successfully petitioned for the creation of the Playwriting III class. I also took screenwriting and fiction writing classes before graduating.

I took writing classes at Frederick Douglas Creative Writing Center in New York City then moved to Los Angeles and took classes at UCLA Extension and at On The Page Studio with Pilar Allesandra.

My email was because I have always done both. I have played the best characters because I wrote them myself!

I also love helping others find their stories (all genres) and have worked as a script doctor for over a decade.

And there’s More to come!

Stay tuned!

My mother’s autobiography is the prequel to Babygirl.

My coming of age story Babygirl is the prequel to The Good Daughter.

My adult coming of age story The Good Daughter is the prequel to……TBA!!!!

Everything is based on true events that did not happen to me.


IANJ is a self-help book for Hip Hop Generation caregivers that I felt moved to write because I had to learn on by own. I interviewed others for the book because no caregiver has the same story or the same circumstance.


Mxxxx is a collection of essays of things I just have to get off my chest about the world we live in. The podcast is the extension of the ideas discussed in the book.